About Me


My name is Ernest (obviously) and I am a photographer/short-form videographer based in San Antonio, TX.  I am an animal lover and I like long walks on the beach. Just kidding. Well, just kidding about the joke...I really do love animals. 

I've been taking photos since 2004 when - at the ripe age of 15 - my father bought me my very first film SLR - a Konica Minolta. Wait. Did I say film? As in film rolls that you had to develop? As in limited shots that cannot be reviewed? Yes. That kind of film. From there, my interest in photography has ceased to grow.

While I always wish to maintain a professional appearance, I am also the kind of guy who does not take life too seriously. My work is a reflection of my attitude toward life - if I can achieve the same amazing results being relaxed and having fun as I can being hyper serious, why bore myself and the people I work with to death? 

Whether you are a business or client looking for formal work or you are just looking for a lil' somethin' to share with ya friends and flex on the gram, I am here for you! Fill out the contact card or send me an email and I will be in touch!


  • Greatest Photographer in the History of the Universe
  • Best Imaginary Award Receiver


  • Me, Myself, and I